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Wednesday, April 17 2019
Microblading JUPITER Florida

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Microblading is a manual method of implanting pigment in hair-like strokes in the epidermis to create the look of fuller brows. The natural-looking results are achieved with a sharp, hand-held manual blade made up of 7+ micro needles. Instead of outlining and completely filling in the outline of your brows with color: microblading actually allows for the placement of hair like strokes into the skin. Whereas traditional tattooing uses needles on a rotary/coil machine to push ink 7 layers deep into the skin, microblading uses a manual blade and only targets 3 layers of skin. Because the pigment sits so superficially in the skin and the strokes are sharp, crisp: they mimic the look of real hair! Your new brows will last anywhere between 1-3 years, depending on the environmental exposure it receives. Microblading pigments are all organic and will not change color as they lose saturation over time.



what is Dermaplaning?


Dermaplaning is a safe and effective procedure to turn your dull skin into soft beautiful skin! It is a treatment to remove dead skin cells that works similarly to shaving for unwanted body hair.

Dermaplane facials maintain healthy, younger looking skin by stimulating production of collagen and elastin. The increase of these key skin nutrients continues long after your procedure. Dermaplaning is gentle and lasts only about an hour with no anesthesia necessary. After your skin has been cleansed, a medical scalpel is used to gently shave away dead skin, immediately exposing healthy skin underneath.
After dermaplaning, we apply an enzyme peel to improve your results. To boost your natural production of collagen, the protein that strengthens skin cells and improves elasticity, we apply a collagen mask. These additional steps we take ensures your skin looks radiant.

Temporary redness or dry skin is common after dermaplaning. Since it is noninvasive, there is a very low risk for complications. Make sure to use lotion and sunscreen after your procedure, and avoid excessive sun exposure for several days afterwards.

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